SheerLuxe - Life and Sole of Shoes interview (Featuring Charlotte Mills Shoe Collab)

Watch Katie Sharp founder of the fabulous blog Life and Sole of Shoes ( ) talk about which brands are catering for a wide range of shoe sizes and shows us some of her go to faves! 
Charlotte Mills collaborated with Katie after she had struggled to find a pair of wedding shoes to suit her feet, as she is a UK Size 8/9. She loved them so much Katie decided to continue the style offering size UK 2-10. The shoes are available to purchase now on Katie's blog ( ). 
Watch below for Katie's best advice on how best to style your feet if you're bigger than the UK 5/6, and which brands are killing it at the minute! 

(Charlotte Mills x Life and Sole of Shoes Collaboration featured at 12:50min)

Video Credit : SheerLuxe ( Huge Shoe Haul, What we're watching & taste test + vegan options ). Subscribe to their channel at )

Katie Sharp : @lifeandsoleofshoes