CM x Flock - How to Plan the Pefect Hen Party Weekend!

CM x Flock - How to Plan the Pefect Hen Party Weekend!

Welcome, brides-to-be! If you’re looking to plan the perfect hen weekend for your girl gang then look no further. Today I’m going to be walking you through how to make sure your bestie has a hen party she’ll never forget.

From deciding on theme and setting, leaving plenty of time for fun activities, and knowing what little details will turn an ordinary hen into something extraordinary – we’ve got you covered!

Get ready for some serious inspiration that will guarantee her last hoorah before getting hitched is one she won't forget in a hurry! Tune in and let's get planning!



Organising the perfect hen weekend takes planning and careful selection of your guest list. To ensure you have an ideal mix, decide who should be in attendance. These can include friends from different stages of life including school friends, university pals, workmates or family members.

If the bride-to-be is close with her colleagues, this could make a good addition to the list too! Choose carefully – avoid adding those whose relationship has been strained over any issue or someone who may not get along with the other guests well. Once invitees have been selected, send out invites as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for response and confirm total numbers. 

Having the right mix of friends will add to a fun and memorable weekend you’ll all look fondly back on later. So, invite carefully but don’t get hung up on details. The most important part is that the bride-to-be has her closest friends with her when she says goodbye to single life!


One of the first things you need to decide when planning a hen party weekend is where to go. You should consider factors such as accessibility, accommodation and activities available at different locations.

For example, if you want an outdoor-focused celebration then beach towns like Brighton or coastal resorts in Cornwall might be ideal; if your group wants a bit more of an urban feel with easy access to city attractions, cities like Edinburgh and Bristol are well worth considering.

At Flock, we have organised a number of successful hen weekends. Our services can help you find the perfect destination to suit everyone's taste and budget - from countryside retreats to city breaks in some of the UK’s most vibrant cities!

We are also on hand to make sure your dream weekend becomes an unforgettable reality with our personalised activities and packages, which are tailored to your specific requirements. Give us a call today for more information about what we offer!

You might also be interested in checking out this list of the best UK hen party houses, which we curated specifically for brides-to-be and their friends.. Whether you’re looking for a luxury apartment or a gorgeous country estate, there’s sure to be something on the list that will make your hen-do weekend unique!


Creating a budget plan for your hen party weekend is an essential part of planning it. After all, you want to keep things affordable for your guests.

First off, look into transportation costs such as flights or train tickets depending on where you're travelling from; these could easily add onto your budget so make sure they are accounted for early enough instead of leaving them till last-minute surprises crop up during checkout time. 

Second, look at ways you can keep costs manageable.  Booking through a hen party planner like Flock will take the stress out of planning. They offer payment plans and  deal with all the awkward payment chases so you don’t have to.  Payday payment plans means that the guests can spread the cost of their package into monthly instalments spread across pay days.

Finally, remember to account for incidentals like food & drinks during downtime activities - those sneaky extras often catch us by surprise if we underestimate them beforehand.  Whatever foods and drinks you decide to serve, make sure that there is enough supply so everyone at your hen party will be well-fed and merry!

In summary:

  • Define how much each guest will contribute
  • Set aside extra funds for costs such as food, drinks & taxis
  • Look into transportation costs like flights or train tickets 
  • Book accommodation well in advance to ensure you get your preferred property and weekend
  • Take account of food & drinks expenses during downtime activities


When planning the perfect hen weekend, it's important to know what activities you'll be doing. This can make or break a good time! From outdoor activities to workshops and spa days, there are so many options for everyone in your group to enjoy. 

For the more adventurous among us, why not plan an exciting activity like paddle boarding or zip lining? Not only will this create a fun environment for all participants, but these activities also provide lasting memories of shared experiences.

If your destination offers any nearby boat tours or water sports, consider making them part of your schedule too; taking in some stunning natural sites is always a great way to relax and bond with friends!

Finally, don't forget those traditional pre-wedding rituals - creating hen party gift boxes for your guests, kitting out the bride to be with iconic heart shaped sunnies and a veil and getting ready together for a themed night out. These little memories shared amongst your friends will create lasting memories. 

Some hen party activities to consider:

  • Paddle boarding or zip lining for an adrenaline rush 
  • Boat tour or beach bbq’s for natural beauty
  • Comedy shows to get everyone laughing together 
  • Spa treatments for relaxation and pampering 
  • Eye masks, hair scrunchies or heart shaped sunglasses as gifts 
  • Prepare together and go out on the town


Choosing an appropriate theme or dress code for your guests will set the tone for how much fun you'll have and what kind of activities you plan on doing throughout the weekend. 

For example, if a bride-to-be wants something more relaxed and laid back, such as brunch and spa day type events, then going with a casual dress code would be best (think bathrobes or pyjama night).

Or, go glam and get dressed up for a hen party brunch, afternoon tea or night out on the town!  

Looking for hen party dress inspiration?

There’s an utterly stunning range of hen party dresses just launched on Charlotte Mills.  These gorgeous dresses are a sure fire way to make the bride feel her best.  

I absolutely love this concept, and going the extra mile for your attire will help create a memorable (and super instagrammable) experience for your group. 


An easy way to ensure that everyone sticks together while partying throughout town is by investing in some gorgeous accessories like clutch bags or pearl earrings. When all else fails don't forget to just let your crew express their own tastes and personalities through whatever pieces they brought with them. 

No matter the dress code, a bridal-bash should be all about having fun together and making the bride feel special.


Love, Flock x

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