Top Tips for wearing in & caring for your wedding shoes

Top Tips for wearing in & caring for your wedding shoes

With Weddings finally starting back up again in the UK with no restrictions, we're so happy to know that our brides will finally be having their big day. So we've put together a little guide to ensure you get the most comfort out of your CM shoes.

Charlotte mills luxury bridal shoes


1. Wear your shoes on a carpeted surface for a few hours before your special day. This will ensure maximum comfort for you whilst walking down the aisle to meet your love, and will help our luxurious leather mould to the shape of your feet.

2. Leave the plastic sole protectors on until the morning of your wedding day. This will keep the soft leather soles pristine and ready for photos whilst you're getting ready on the wedding morning.

3. When wearing your shoes in at home, please avoid walking up and down the stairs whilst the sole protectors are on as they can be slippy.

4. When fastening your straps please ensure you don't fasten them too tightly. On the wedding day, when you're on your feet all day, your feet and ankles are likely to swell, if the ankle strap is fasten to tightly this can result in extra stress and pressure being put on the strap loops.

5. If you feel as if the shoes are a little snug, we suggest wearing a pair of socks with them when you wear them in, this will allow the soft leather to stretch a little more.

6. Don't be tempted to leave the plastic sole protector on for the big day, as this will cause more damage to the soles. Especially if worn outside on wet ground or gravel. 

luxury ivory and blue pearl wedding shoes with block heels by Charlotte mills


1. If your shoes get wet or damp on the big day, remember they are crafted with leather soles, so please ensure they are throughly dried and cleaned before putting them back in their shoe box.

2. Ivory leather can be cleaned using a soft white damp cloth and left to dry naturally. Please ensure your shoes are fully dry before returning them to their shoe box.

3. You can clean glitter with mild soapy water and a very soft toothbrush. For example a baby toothbrush. Be sure to be gentle so as not to dislodge any of the glitter, and ensure that you don't get the shoes too wet.

4. For our glitter shoes we recommend keeping each shoe inside the poly bags they arrived in. This will prevent the glitter material from rubbing against each other in the shoe box.

5. Keep your shoes (in their shoe box) in a dry room away from direct sunlight where they can rest until your next special occasion.

We wish you the most magical wedding day, and we would absolutely love to see photos of you rocking your CM shoes. Please tag us on Instagram, or drop us an email with your photos!

If you have any further questions or queries about caring for your wedding shoes, please email us 

With love, Charlotte and Team CM x

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