Wearing your wedding shoes on any surface

Wearing your wedding shoes on any surface

As I'm sure you know, at Charlotte Mills we feel comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing your wedding shoes, and why we never compromise on comfort for style. It is possible to have both, just look at our latest collection!

After years of creating and designing shoes for our brides we've realised that our block heels are the most popular choice for our brides, which is why we have only released block heels in our 2021 range. Not only are they more comfortable than a stiletto heel, they also offer more stability. 

Today we're talking you through which shoes we'd recommend for different surfaces! With so many different choices in venues, from traditional stately homes with wooden flooring and gravel driveways to cobbled streets and sandy beaches there are many different types of surfaces you might encounter on your wedding day.

flat wedding shoes to wear on beach

For Beach Weddings

We'd recommend our range of flats for a beach wedding, perhaps our flat sandals like Hen and Jemima. Wearing a flat shoe will offer you the biggest surface area, making it easy to walk in the sand.

For Cobbled Streets

Cobbled streets are often found in picturesque towns and villages, which make for a gorgeous setting for your wedding. But it's not the easiest surface to walk on in heels. So we'd recommend a mid height heel in our flared block heel style Meg. Meg has a comfortable heel height of 7cm and  offers you more stability than a stiletto would whilst still looking very classic.

mid block heels for grass and gravel

For Grass and Gravel

Whether you prefer a high heel or a low heel a block will work best on grass and gravel surfaces. Styles such as Henrietta or Ida would be the perfect pick for this surface.

Top Tip: Ivory shoes will naturally get marked with wear, especially in old venues or when walking on gravel and grass. To remove any marks we recommend using a makeup wipe or baby wipe. For best results, give the shoes a wipe after wear and they should come up looking lovely.

Please note this is not recommended on our velvet shoes, and cannot guarantee that all marks will come off.

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