Ladies Fashion Shoes 

The legendary New York nightclub of the 1970's, Studio 54 and the 'It Girls' that frequented the hedonistic venue, have together inspired the ‘More Sugar’ collection.

The shoes are designed to be fun yet elegant with a touch of romance. These really are shoes to fall in love with. The brands unique style shines through in each design creating a strong identity. Each pair, carefully handcrafted by our factory in Alicante includes pinks, petrol’s and dark blues adding pops of colour to the collection. With ruffles and stripes boosting interest to the uppers. Block heels in different silhouettes, make the designs wearable yet fun. Embellishments in the form of oversized rose gold Jewels and studs provide showstopper looks for the ultimate party girl. Charlotte’s signature in her bridal collection is that each pair of shoes are hand finished with a silver sixpence and the leather sole is embossed with the phrase “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” All bases are covered. The Sixpence is also the something Old, The Something New is the shoe, the Something Blue is detailed on the in-sock and the Something borrowed will be inside the shoebox. Brides love this idea and it is unique to Charlotte Mills Shoes. Charlotte has included to the sixpence in this collection as it’s a symbol of luck and something which is now part of the brands identity. For the ready to wear fashion collection the coin has been plated in 18ct rose gold for a touch of decadence.

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