Wedding Shoes 

Our wedding collection has been designed with the bride in mind. We have used a variety of heel heights, toe shapes, materials and details, hoping each bride can find their perfect pair of wedding shoes. Charlotte is a style leader in the bridal footwear industry. Having taken inspiration from master craftsmen in both Spain and Italy, the Charlotte Mills wedding shoe range exemplifies handcrafted attention to detail, a luxury 'feel' with quirky twists a plenty. The left shoe in every pair of bridal shoes includes an original silver sixpence to bring you luck on your special day. 

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£96.00 Was £120.00

Anabel Various

£96.00 Was £150.00

Anabel Bows

£96.00 Was £150.00

Anastasia Silver

£150.00 Was £240.00

Anastasia Gold

£150.00 Was £240.00

Jane Glitter

£190.00 Was £240.00



Becky Silver

£150.00 Was £220.00

Becky Silver Various

£150.00 Was £250.00

Becky Gold

£150.00 Was £220.00

Becky Gold Various

£150.00 Was £250.00

Becky Rose Trim

From £220.00

Etta Gold

£150.00 Was £220.00

Etta Silver

£150.00 Was £220.00

Esmeralda Gold

£150.00 Was £230.00

Charlotte Silver

£74.00 Was £185.00