Shoe and Bag Matches!

We've got an exciting post for you today.. we've put together a little selection of some of our handbags and the shoes that would go with them! All the items will be linked below so you can shop them straight from this post! Enjoy..

silver bow charlotte mills bagClara Silver Bag - click here to shop

Clara Gold Bag - shop here

Carolina Ivory with Silver Hardware- shop here

Carolina Ivory with Gold Hardware- shop here

Carolina Silver Glitter- Shop here

Amore Silver Glitter- Shop here

Carolina Gold Glitter- shop here

Amore Gold Glitter- shop here

nude bag charlotte millsCarolina Nude- shop here

The Details

Something Old

Each pair of our wedding shoes has an original silver sixpence. This is your something old.

The Details

Something new...

Your beautiful shoes are your 'something new'.

The Details


Each box has an envelope. This is 'something borrowed'. Return this after your big day with a picture of your shoes.

The Details


Our insock logo and boxes are your 'something blue'.