The Perfectly Matched Bag

The Perfectly Matched Bag

As some of you may have already noticed through our website and social media pages we've finally added bags to our Charlotte Mills range! We’ve had people asking us for a while now and it’s been something of high demand and we'd hate to disappoint any of you. So many of you have our shoes and they’re designed with the idea you can wear them again (and again) but matching an outfit with them may not be so easy so having a matching bag is the perfect way! Any excuse for a new bag... we know.

If you love the idea check them out on our website, see which one matches your shoes perfectly! We’ve had them available for pre-order for a couple of weeks now on the website but full stock of them is due at the end of February.

P.S. They're made as fabulous as your shoes are.

To give you an idea here’s our Clara perfectly matched to our Becky Gold

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