5 Top Tips from a Wedding Florist on How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

5 Top Tips from a Wedding Florist on How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers can be a huge decision, not only do the flowers really pull together your theme, bring you so much joy on the day, and can even be used as keepsakes for yourself and the bridal party. With so many options available to you, the choice might seem overwhelming.
We talked to wedding florist, Sarah Ogden from Horseshoe Flowers to get her top tips on how to make the most of your wedding flowers, how to make the right choices and how to pick which florist you want to go with for your big day.
1- Research different florists until you find a style you like
This is my number one tip. Make sure you spend time online doing research. You can browse florists websites, spend some time on Pinterest (easy to spend A LOT of time here!) and look at previous weddings to get an idea of the style you like. Instagram is a great resource for the best ideas from wedding bloggers, wedding listing sites and suppliers who just can't wait to show off their best looks.
All florists have a different style. Whilst they can probably turn their hand to many different looks, they will have a signature style that will be their go-to. So, look on their instagram, their pinterest pages and their websites until you find a style you like the look of and reach out to them to get the ball rolling.
2- Be open to the florist giving their suggestions
Allowing a bit of creative freedom with your florist is always going to get the best out of them and their work. The florist is the expert after all and they might just surprise you with something amazing you hadn’t thought of.
3- Consider dried and preserved flowers
We might be slightly biased here (!) but it would be a mistake for us not to throw this out there. Really do consider dried and preserved flowers, they are not what they used to be! Dried flowers are now vibrant and impactful ways of making your wedding stand out from the crowd, and get those insta-worthy images we all want. Choose from a huge array of colours and styles including preserved roses, carnations and foliage (all soft to the touch), naturally dried flowers for that wildflower and hand foraged look or pampas grasses for the ultimate in boho luxe. A couple of reasons why you might want to consider this would be the ability to see what you are getting long before the wedding and the fact you get to keep everything long after the wedding.
4- Ask your florist to suggest ways to amplify your ideas/ theme
Within floristry, there are always lots of clever ways we can make more with less. So, perhaps you want the bridal bouquet to be the main feature, including all the flowers of your dreams, but the bridesmaids bouquets could be simplified versions that match back in colour but the style is slightly different. Leaving you with more money to play with for the ceremony.
Perhaps you choose one large installation piece as a focal point rather than smaller ideas spread about. This could then be used during the ceremony and afterwards moved to behind the top table as the ultimate wedding breakfast backdrop. 
We might also suggest reusing items in clever ways throughout the day- maybe using the ceremony aisle flowers on the tables during the wedding breakfast, or using the registrars table arrangement also on the top table.
Don't be afraid to ask for help with this, your florist does this day in, day out and will be only too happy to help.
5- Consider mixing up different styles for an original look
To really stand out from the crowd, try mixing floral styles together. So for example, wildflowers mixed with garden roses, or foliage mixed with pampas.
Or maybe you want the bridal bouquet to be a large round shaped bouquet and the bridesmaids to go for long thin pampas arrangements. Don't be afraid to experiment with ideas! 
So there you have it, top tips from a professional on how to make the right decisions when it comes to your wedding flowers.
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