8 reasons why you should wear trainers on your wedding day

8 reasons why you should wear trainers on your wedding day

You want your wedding shoes to be as comfortable as possible, along with looking stylish. To help you make the right decision, we have put together some reasons of why you should wear bridal trainers on your wedding day. 

We recently launched our bridal sneaker KarolinaSupporting you on your big day, on any bridal engagements and long after the wedding, these fresh beauties are fashioned from soft white leather, and capture attention with panels lavished in sparkly glitter. Pure white laces and a brilliant white chunky sole will have you walking — and dancing — on air. Subtle CM elegance (of course) is added with embossed branding on the tongue. 

Last all day and night: You will probably be on your feet for 12-15 hours and you still want to be dancing at the end of the night. Flat wedding shoes are perfect for the big day to ensure that you can last the full time in your shoes. Whether you opt for trainers all day or change into them for evening fun. 

Comfort: It's going to be a long day and the main priority is comfort. You shouldn't have to suffer with sore feet on your wedding day. If you don't wear heels regularly in everyday life you are likely to find them uncomfortable on your wedding day.  

You don't have to wear high heels: If you are not usually a high heel fan you don't have to feel like you have to wear them on your wedding day. Many brides are now opting for stylish bridal trainers for the day. 

Comfy shoes can be stylish: There are so many stylish options available without compromising comfort. Our cool bridal trainer Karolina is the perfect option with soft white leather, amazing sparkly glitter and added height with a chunky sole. 

Practicality: Wedding venues can have all sorts of surfaces. Before buying shoes, consider what flooring you will be walking on to ensure you choose the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding. Whether you opt for one of our signature block heel wedding shoes or our flat bridal sneaker, choose something that will be easy to walk in on the big day

Can wear them again and again: Whether you want to wear them for the wedding day or for the many bridal activities, bridal trainers can be worn with any outfit or occasion. The perfect hen do trainer, they'll finish off your wedding dress shopping outfit perfectly, or to wear when jetting off on your honeymoon.

Have a smooth entrance: Get rid of the pre wedding anxiety of wearing heels down the aisle or tripping up on your dress by opting for flats. Having flat bridal shoes can make the whole experience easier. 

Make a statement: Don’t be afraid to make a fashion statement. You don’t have to stick to traditional bridal heels and express yourself and your style by wearing bridal trainers.

You can shop our new bridal sneaker here or if bridal trainers aren't for you shop the classic bridal shoe range.

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