Charlottes Top Tips for Choosing your Bridal shoes..

Charlottes Top Tips for Choosing your Bridal shoes..

Choosing the shoes that you're going to be taking your first steps as husband and wife in is a very important decision, so we've turned to Charlotte to ask her what her top tips are for choosing your bridal shoes!

1) Pick a pair of shoes at a heel height you would normally wear. If you go too high you may not be able to wear them all day.

2) Don’t put your shoes on for the first time on the Morning of your wedding. Wear them around the house on soft carpeted area’s before the big day to break them in.

3) Go for shoes, which are well made. If you go for quality your shoes should be soft, light and have lots of padding.

4) Choose a style which you can wear again. We take this in to account when designing all our shoes. Brides should fall in love with their shoes and want to wear again and again after their wedding day.

5) If you are worried about being in heels all day, it’s a great idea to pick up a fabulous flat pair, which you can change in to dance the night away. And you get two pairs of new shoes – what’s not to love about that.

If you've not chosen your bridal shoes yet then have a look on our website, we've got a variation of styles. Ranging from flats, to kitten heels, low block heels, mid and then high heels and platforms! So there's something for everyone.

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