Everything you need to know about Pre Orders!

charlotte mills pre order wedding shoes

What does pre-order mean?

If an item is on pre-order this just means that it isn’t currently in stock, at our warehouse and ready to be shipped, but we have more stock due in from our factory. 

Why is stock on pre-order?

We often place stock on pre-order to prevent styles from temporarily selling out. We only order in small quantities to ensure we have very little stock left over or waste, which is a more sustainable. With most of our brides ordering well in advance (usually 6 months to a year before their wedding day) they don’t mind waiting a little while for their shoes. By ordering a pre-order shoe, you are essentially reserving a shoe that’s been ordered before it gets to our warehouse. 

From when we place the order with our factory to when it’s shipped to us usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks.

If you would like a more accurate lead time for stock, please email us with the email subject ‘Pre Order Enquiry’ and let us know what size and style you wish to order/have ordered and we will advise you further.

The Details

Something Old

Each pair of our wedding shoes has an original silver sixpence. This is your something old.

The Details

Something new...

Your beautiful shoes are your 'something new'.

The Details


Each box has an envelope. This is 'something borrowed'. Return this after your big day with a picture of your shoes.

The Details


Our insock logo and boxes are your 'something blue'.