Wear it best with Blondie

Wear it best with Blondie

Blondie is one of our beautiful wedding heels made for you to make you feel extra special on your big day. This beauty comes in gold, silver and rose gold/ nude. Therefore you will find a colour that will match perfect with your wedding. The elegant detail of three hearts on the font of the shoe makes it stand out from the rest and makes your shoes noticeable on your wedding day. This luxury, real leather style not only is easy on the eyes but also provides a comforting fit so you won't be walking down the aisle in pain. 



Although, some of our brides may feel that going all day in a heel just isn't for them. Thats why Charlotte Mills has also designed Blonde just for you! Blonde looks exactly like Blondie, you could almost say they're sisters! However unlike Blondie, Blonde is one of our flat wedding shoes. This means you could change into Blonde at the night and feel even more comfortable dancing the night away. To top it all off you won't need to worry about it matching your outfit as we also do Blonde in gold, silver and rose gold/nude. 


Blondie also has the bonus that it has accessories to match! Our Amour bag is a match made in heaven for Blondie. This fine glitter heart shaped bag is just what you need to add an elegant touch to your outfit. This style of bag also comes in gold, silver and rose gold so whatever colour Blondie you decide to pick there will always be a bag to match. if you also decide to get Blonde to for your reception then you will still be able to find a bag to go perfect with your shoes!


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